The Masters School


(Affiliated To C.B.S.E. New Delhi)
Afflication No. 3530116


The Masters School (Senior Secondary), affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The School is lead by a great education visionary, futurist edupreneur, serving in the field of education from the last couple of years, a born thinker and achiever Mr. Pramod Singh Toliya. His love for his motherland and zeal for improving the education level of his paternal town, Region, and state. Today the School has become one of the best CBSE schools in the city.
Our motto ‘Knowledge is Power to Success’ capture the essence of our spirit. This school provides the students with the strongest foundation to reach great heights. In this school students are encouraged to challenge their potential in the pursuit of excellence. They should be able to face the numerous challenges of life and carve out a purposeful future for themselves.
Education is a partnership activity between parents and school working together, the one providing security and permanence within the family relationship, the other the professional skills needed to bring out the child’s latent talents.
The main objective of the institution is to impart education for the development of students integrated personality with sound minds and bodies.
Curricular and extracurricular activities have been provided to help students to learn to sound moral values, a high degree of social responsibility, physical fitness, and creativity. Stress is given to leadership training and a democratic way of living.

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